Biological thinking: Asking ourselves WHY did this person get sick, NOT what is their diagnosis. This is the process of using medical therapies to treat the natural healing mechanism instead of treating a diagnosis. This is not to say the diagnosis is not important but to say that it is more important to understand why the natural healing process has stopped working. I want to know that my Pt has candida so that I can treat candida overgrowth but to get them well I need to correct the reasons why they developed this overgrowth in the first place. 

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is pure oxygen; it is composed of 3 oxygen molecules. Ozone therapy is not drug therapy but a biological response modification therapy. Meaning it supports the major biological systems in our body to restore health. These systems include the digestive, adrenal, hormone, immune, and detox systems. A breakdown in any of these systems will impede the innate healing ability of the body. 

Ozone therapy is working to restore the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Supporting and resetting the natural ability to heal. Used intravenously or as Major Auto Hemotherapy, it is highly effective at treating systemic infection and restoring healthy circulation and oxygen utilization. When used as an injection into the joints, muscles, tendons/ligaments it works to remove pain and stimulate cellular oxygen utilization and restore circulation. It can also be used externally to kill any-tyle of infections including fungal and bacterial rashes.

Ozone is also famous for its use as an anti-aging agent because of its ability to increase OXYGEN UTILIZATION. This is the process where O2 metabolizes fat or glucose into NAD, ATP (energy), free radicals, and C02. If this process is slow because of damage or deficiency every cell in the body will age at a faster rate. 

Remember Ozone is a catalyst to the natural healing process. It can get things going but we must also work on the basic systems. Dr. Mari will combine this powerful therapy with diet modification and a supplemental regiment to get the most out of your treatments.  

NAD/NDAH ration is upregulated by Ozone therapy. Restore and improve metabolism; Ozone will fix mitochondria, the energy system in the body. It is a potent detoxifier and naturally decreases pain. 

What is Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH)?

MAH involves the injection of medical grade ozone gas into blood drawn from the patient, then returning the ozonated blood back to the body to get a systemic effect. First blood is drawn from the patient into an empty blood bag. The ozone gas it then mixed with the patients’ blood for several minutes until the blood is completely ozonated. You will see the blood become a brilliant, light red color. The ozonated blood is then infused back into the patient. The entire process takes just under an hour with minimal pain or discomfort.   

Who will benefit most from MAH (Major Auto Hemotherapy) 

  1. CHRONIC FATIGUE / Brain Fog
  3. Cardiovascular Disease/ Atherosclerosis / Angina
  4. Lyme disease and chronic illness
  5. Chronic PAIN
  6. Chronic infection (EBV, CMV, or Mycoplasma infections)
  7. Acute infection (Sinusitis and URI)
  8. Topical fungus
  9. Heavy Metal Toxicity
  10. Negative effects of Aging
  11. Macular Degeneration
  12. Allergies/ Dermatitis
  13. Colitis (IBS, Ulcerative colitis, and Chron’s)

ProloZone injection for Pain:

Generally, patients only need 3-6 treatments to recover and get out of pain. This treatment is best for painful, inflamed joints though it can be used on any type of pain. The treatment it’s self is not painful, and patients will almost always leave treatment feeling better than when they arrived. Though you will be feeling better it is important to go easy for the next 6-12 weeks. 

  • This is NOT prolotherapy! Prolotherapy is an inflammatory treatment used for similar conditions, but the philosophy and substance are very different. 

What is in the injection?

Prolozone® is an thoughtful combination of neurotherapy, prolotherpy, and ozone gas that is effective for pain and cellular regeneration. The Prolozone injection involves the below substances bing injected into a joint, tendon, ligament, scar, or muscle followed by injection of ozone gas. 

  1. Procaine re-polarizes injured cell membranes and improves circulation.
  2. Micro doses of a steroid reduce inflammation and edema. Usually only used in the first or second treatment.
  3. Bicarb to reverses acidosis
  4. Glucose supplies mitochondrial substrate
  5. B-vitamins improve glucose utilization 
  6. Ozone gas stimulates circulation, improves oxygen utilization, stimulates cytokines, and directly kills microbes.

Both Dr. Irwin and Dr. Mari have received specialized certification in Ozone therapy and Prolozone® injections from Dr. Frank Shallenburg. Who is the creator of Prolozone and one of the fathers of modern Ozone therapies.

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