Why would I let my chiropractor know that I am having shoulder issues, or allergies? A chiropractor is just a back pain doctor, right?  I let all my patients know, ask me, if I can help I will.  People are still surprised to find out I adjust the TMJ, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ribs, hips, knees, and ankles.  Also, people get relief from allergies, whiplash, constipation, colic, anxiety, asthma, and many other “dis-eases”.  First and foremost, the chiropractor does not heal the body, the body heals the body, through proper functioning and alignment of the joints of the body.  Having a properly aligned spine can help speed up healing time.

Think of your brain trying to heal your body, we want the straightest line from point A to point B.

Point A to B Illustration

This will speed healing time to maximum capacity.      

     Yes, your body can still heal if the messages are getting where they need to be by way of journey “B”, but we are not patient when it comes to healing time.  Line “A” is the best option.  Being a patient at Maine CHI is extra special because you have access to a Naturopathic doctor and an Acupuncturist.  The combination has helped people improve greatly in a short amount of time.    

     Please give our office a call today and make an appointment.  We are here to help.  Remember chiropractic care is designed to make the body heal faster. 

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