Did you know stress can cause tissue tension throughout your body? This stress can lead to pain and limitations in different muscles which in turn will affect your joints. So, what can you do about it? Stress management is particularly important, and people utilize different approaches. Some may try to meditate, journal, stretch and use yoga or you may be someone who likes to exercise hard and get a good sweat on. But what if you have tried all these things and you still feel tension and tightness and just feel overall awful? What other options do you have? Well one that is gentle and has had significant impact on many people is a manual technique known as Craniosacral therapy.

Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on, physical therapy, technique that helps people manage stress, pain, tissue restrictions and overall functional limitations. Craniosacral interventions allow for deep relaxation through assessment and treatment of your craniosacral system. Providers like me, have developed enough sensitivity in our hands to feel subtle energy movement across soft tissue and joints. I became interested in this work because it is a very gentle yet powerful way to improve a patient’s quality of life. Honestly with such a gentle touch I questioned the effectiveness until I experienced it myself. After years of pitching in softball my right shoulder became very restricted, interfering with my ability to dress myself. I participated in my first training session and low and behold not only did I sleep through the night with no interruption, but I woke feeling the most rested I had in years. I was quite pleased with this, to say the least! I showered and without even thinking completely dressed with less restriction from my right shoulder. I was hooked on this manual work! I became deeply passionate as I felt the difference and knew I could help others get some relief.

How long does it take? A session of craniosacral therapy lasts for about one hour. Longevity of relief varies depending on the amount of stress and tension that your body has been under. Please schedule a visit and feel the difference.

Carolyn Campbell

The reboot is a very worthwhile experience for anyone. Anybody wanting to learn more about how to better their health would benefit from this...

Caroline Harlow

I'm incredibly grateful to have found Maine CHI two years ago. I have struggled for years with muscular pain in my neck and shoulders. Isaac made me...

Jenn Williams

I've been going to Isaac Axtell for over a year, he is such a skilled acupuncturist! Plus he offers cupping during the acupuncture session, which is...

Emily Buswell

I had a wonderful prenatal massage with Lucy yesterday. She was very warm and welcoming and put me right at ease. Her space is comfortable and...

T, Liberty

After only three visits I have become active again, eating healthier and have actually lost 7 pounds (I know… a bonus!) I wholeheartedly recommend...

Monique Rossignol Stanley

Today marks visit number 5 and 3 weeks without a headache!!! I could not recommend a better place!!! Thank you MCHI!!!

Pam Winkler Henker

I LOVE this place! I LOVE the people and they LOVE me!! 

Andrea Morin

For anyone who wishes to change your thoughts and relationship with food, this detox program is a must! The detox process is difficult but so worth...

Emily Olsen

Dr. Mari’s Detox program is simple and effective. I was reluctant to commit to such a daunting program at first (I mean, c’mon, no solid food for 10...

Kelly Mike Gardner

If you're interested in healthier alternatives for health care or nutritional care and advise, I highly recommend Maine CHI! SO HELPFUL!

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