Here at MaineCHI in Waterville, Maine we have a pediatric chiropractor, (aka newborn or baby chiropractor). Believe it or not, babies need a pediatric chiropractic adjustment after their entrance into this world. 

Why would an infant need an adjustment?

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Just being born is a tough process. The forces from labor contractions on the head of the fetus are significant. The cranial bones of a developing fetus are not fused and are moved during the birthing process to allow for easier birthing. During descent, the baby’s head is flexed down so the chin touches the chest.  This can cause stress on a baby’s upper cervical area (neck).  This is the number one area checked by a pediatric chiropractor. Once the shoulder has passed through the birth canal, the rest of the birthing process usually continues with no issues.  If the baby’s shoulder gets stuck this is known as shoulder dystocia. This can cause a lot of pulling on the infant’s neck musculature. 

A pediatric chiropractor is a chiropractor who has taken extra classes on how to properly care for your newborn. Dr. Abby Walker studied through the ICPA4kids (, the ICPA has become a leader in defining health care for today’s chiropractic culture.  Dr. Abby Walker continues to pursue education yearly in pediatric chiropractic care. She also gave adjustments to both of her children hours after they were born! In central Maine Dr. Abby sees infants for a variety of concerns, most commonly colic, constipation, sleeping issues, and difficulty nursing. For example, one infant at 2 weeks old was nursing only on the mother’s right side, the infant’s top cervical (neck) bone had rotated out of place and made it difficult for the baby to comfortably turn its head to the opposite side to nurse.  After two adjustments the baby nursed comfortably off both breasts and mother and baby are happy. By performing pediatric chiropractic adjustments, we are allowing your newborn’s body to heal itself properly. Dr. Abby would love to meet you and your precious new bundle of joy, and she is happy to answer any questions parents have along the way.

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