Many of my patients with active lifestyles and serious workout regiments ask, “Can I work out after I have a chiropractic adjustment?” Without hesitation my answer is always, YES!  There are two schools of thought around the question of working out after an adjustment.

First, you should get adjusted and exercise because you will be in alignment and can get an optimal workout in, and second, you just receive an adjustment, and you want to let the body heal and repair before adding more stress to it.  I believe both ways of thinking are correct, and generally I work with patients to guide them as to what specific exercises may be advantageous to an adjustment they received during their treatment.  

In short, I ask all my athletes to try both and see what works best for them.  For example, I have athletes that want to get adjusted before a track meet, so they are at the top of their game.  That same athlete that comes in for a maintenance adjustment can easily do their normal work out routine.  If that same athlete has just had a micro trauma, say a pulled quad, they may need to rest a specific muscle group or do minimal rehab before resuming full activities again.  

Every situation is individual and specific, just like you and the care you will receive at Maine CHI.  

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