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When you call Maine CHI to schedule your first chiropractic adjustment you will be asked a series of questions by our amazing staff.  This includes name, birthday, address and phone number, the basics.   

Upon arrival for your initial visit, you will be asked to fill out a series of forms. The forms can be found on our website, and you are encouraged to fill these out before you arrive. If you do not have access to a computer, we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early so you have time to complete the forms prior to your visit.  The doctor works very hard to stay on schedule, if the first 30 minutes of your allotted time is used filling out paperwork, you may not get adjusted that day.  It is the law that a chiropractor needs to do an exam before the adjustment is performed. Dr. Walker will review the forms and go over them with you.  

 Your whole history is important.  I know people do not like the paperwork or the questions, but the more information you can give the better I can help you.  I need to know what is bothering you? what makes it better or worse? What does it feel like? Does it stay in one area or does it start in one area and move?  The dreaded number scale, what is it now from 0-10, and where is it when you are at your worse?  And last but not least when do you have this 100% of the time? Does it come and go with activity?  Is it worse in the morning and then go away? The more information I have the more I am able to help.  

After the verbal history is complete, we move on to the physical part of the exam. I measure your range of motion to have a baseline to compare future visits to. Then I perform muscle tests, orthopedic tests and nerve tests to help aid me in medical decision making.   

After all of this I will then let you know what I feel is going on with you.  People always want to know if it is bone, muscle, or disk related.   

If there are no contra indications to adjusting and you do not require any further testing, you will receive your first adjustment that day.    

If you have further questions, I encourage you to make a list and we can cover them at our next visit, or you can call the office any time (207) 250-0255. 

–Dr. Abby 

Emily Olsen

Dr. Mari’s Detox program is simple and effective. I was reluctant to commit to such a daunting program at first (I mean, c’mon, no solid food for 10...

Carolyn Campbell

The reboot is a very worthwhile experience for anyone. Anybody wanting to learn more about how to better their health would benefit from this...


Doctor Mari is knowledgeable, informative and remarkably supportive. Her delivery of information is vibrant and passionate. She is a wealth of...

Jessica Dyer

Isaac has helped both my spouse and I with several different orthopedic issues with great success. The treatment we have received was thorough and...

Angela McKenney

Isaac and Dr Mari are an incredible team. They both took a personal interest in me doing all they could to address my problems and did all they...

Trevor Wilson Bey

Dr. Mari guided me through a 21 day detox incorporating water fasting, sauna therapies, and many other 'homeopathic' remedies that allowed me to...

Melinda Corey

I have been seeing Isaac for a few months now and my headache frequency has reduced from 2-3 days/week to 3 days/month! It is so relaxing. Bonus -...

Pam Winkler Henker

I LOVE this place! I LOVE the people and they LOVE me!! 

Jenn Williams

I've been going to Isaac Axtell for over a year, he is such a skilled acupuncturist! Plus he offers cupping during the acupuncture session, which is...

Monique Rossignol Stanley

Today marks visit number 5 and 3 weeks without a headache!!! I could not recommend a better place!!! Thank you MCHI!!!

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